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Canonical URL

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What is a canonical URL?

A canonical URL is an invisible link in the HTML of a web page that tells the browser whether the page contains original content. Original pages should have their own URL as the canonical URL (self-referencing), whereas duplicate or copied pages should contain the URL of the original page. Many sites use canonical URLs so that they can have the same product in multiple categories or so that they can repost an article that first appeared on another site.



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Why is using a canonical URL important for SEO?

Canonical tags are important so that Google knows which version of the page to display in search results. When Google is unsure about which version of the page to display, all versions may end up ranking lower. Using canonical URLs can also help you to maintain breadcrumbs on products that are in multiple categories on your site.

How do I specify a canonical URL for my webpage?

Most CMSs will allow you to adjust the canonical URL of your pages by default in the page’s settings. If you are using WordPress, you may require an additional plug-in such as Yoast.

Should I use a rel=canonical or a 301 redirect for duplicate pages?

By default, you should always use a 301 redirect unless there is a reason that both versions of the page need to exist. A common reason is that you wish to preserve breadcrumbs for a product that is in multiple categories. Another reason might be that you want to repost content from another website that you own. In these cases, using a canonical tag is the best solution.



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