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Your customers are searching for you right now.

It’s estimated that Google processes 5.6 billion searches per day. If your website isn’t on the front page for relevant keywords, you’re losing a truck load of business. With Calibre9’s SEO services, we put you in front of those who matter most, your customers, and put a spotlight on your business.

Custom Built Campaigns For Your Business

We build bespoke campaign strategies that are right for you and your business - not the broader market.

Clear Communication And A Transparent Process

We provide clear, detailed, easy-to-understand reports regularly, so you know what is happening with your campaign at any given moment.

Fast, Reliable and High Quality Services

We begin work immediately and hit delivery deadlines to ensure everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Long-Term Results And Higher ROI

Get more traffic to your website and more bang for your buck with high yielding and sustainable results.

increase your traffic through seo

Turn clicks into conversions

Imagine moving your business from a quiet suburban street to smack bang in the middle of the CBD. There’d be a lot more traffic, don’t you think? That’s what we do. We take your website from the hidden back-alley it’s in, and move it to a prime location, making it easy for your customers to find you.

Not only that, but we make sure you’re attracting the right customers, people who will engage with your website and intend to make a purchase. This effective targeting ensures you get the most from your budget, while also working towards better ROI.

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.




Setting the right foundation for lead generation.

  • 01. Consultation

    We meet with you for an in-depth consultation to completely understand the business, target market and demographic, services/products, expectations, as well as past or current digital marketing campaigns.

    We will also discuss the businesses primary marketing objectives to ensure any campaign is in-line with the overall strategy.


  • 02. Competitor Profiling

    Using specific software tools and SEO expertise, our team can look at competitor sites to fully understand why they rank higher and perform better than their peers targeting the same keyword sets in the search engines.

    By looking at data that is specific to your market, along with who ranks on page 1 of your search landscape, we can work out what SEO services and strategies they have used to get there to form the basis of your campaign.

  • 03. Website audit

    A comprehensive technical audit will be conducted on your website to identify issues and map out what needs to be addressed for enhancement.

  • 04. Keyword Analysis

    There is no point ranking for keywords that very few people are typing into the search engines, Calibre9 will use the information identified through the first few stages to compile a list of the highest volume keywords that have buyer intent in your industry that we target as part of the campaign. Monitoring keyword ranking movement will be a prominent measurement in the campaign key performance indicators so you can see your website’s performance.

  • 05. Website architecture and user experience (UX) audit

    Using existing data from Search Console and Analytics Calibre9 will review the conversion rates and UX of your website and identify potential enhancements.

  • 06. Onsite optimisation

    This is the fun part where the magic starts to happen! A typical onsite optimisation includes:

    • Meta Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Header Tags
    • Alt Tags (Image Optimisation)
    • Page Score Analysis and Internal Linking
    • Keyword Density Audit
    • Latent Semantic Analysis and Implementation
    • Indexing via Google Search Console
    • Content Audit
  • 07. Duplicate content check and removal

    Duplicate and plagiarised content is a big no-no! Calibre9 will remove any duplicate content from your website and work with you to generate unique copy if required.

  • 08. External backlink audit

    Calibre9 will audit and analyse the client backlink profile to identify any toxic backlinks that could hinder the clients ranking improvements – if any are discovered they will either be disavowed or removed. We will also audit the anchor text profile of links to ensure they are not over optimised or spammy.

  • 09. Internal link analysis

    We will run an audit of your website’s internal linking structure to properly funnel link juice and authority to the target pages that we are trying to rank in the search engines.

  • 10. Google My Business

    Calibre9 will provide direction and assistance to ensure that the listing not only has the right information but is also optimised, giving the client a better chance of showing up in maps more often across a broader catchment area.


Magnify your presence

  • 01. Link building

    Awesome link building is an art and is integral to the success of your SEO strategy. Most agencies can get this very wrong, but it is something we pride ourselves in being able to excel at. We will start by putting together a ‘white hat’ backlink creation plan which is built around niche relevant link outreach, inhouse link building, anchor text management, and indexing in the search engines.

  • 02. Content creation

    If required, we will work with you to produce relevant, valuable engaging content for your website.

  • 03. Schema markup

    Calibre9 can implement schema markup/structured data on the client’s website to help search engines deliver more informative results for users.

  • 04. Content Silos

    We will run a comprehensive audit of the client’s content structure / architecture to identify and recommend copy and content silos that can help drastically improve the topic authority of key parts of your website.

  • 05. Ongoing reviews

    On page, backlinks, ranking, traffic, conversions and leads – We will keep a very close eye on your site’s performance. Our attention to detail and constant data review enables us to detect subtle changes to the campaign: both positive and negative, which in turn allows us to make changes and adapt as needed.



Changing the way business does SEO

Since inception, Calibre9 has sought to inform, educate, and bring trust and transparency to an industry filled with cowboys that vastly over-promise and ultimately under-deliver.

We have a track record of delivering phenomenal results, consistent and constant clear communication with a huge list of exceptionally happy clients who are ongoing evidence that we deliver not just traffic improvements, greater visibility on page one of Google but also return on investment.

  • While some of our work is quite technical, we know at the end of the day it’s people who become customers, not bots.
  • SEO algorithms and tactics change all the time, so we keep up to date and evolve with it.
  • We can translate the complex and technical campaign elements to you to ensure you understand the process.


Who We Are

"Calibre9 have been amazing for us! We have seen great results in 6 months moving from page 4 to page 1 for most of our selected keywords. You get some companies that will pick easy keywords with low search volume but they picked very competitive keywords and smashed it.”

Kane White (TIV)

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