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Preserve your ranking and authority with a strategic SEO migration

If your business is moving to a new domain or changing platforms, it’s wise to consider the knock-on effects for your SEO performance. A drop in traffic can have significant consequences for any business, so it’s important to have a strategy in place to protect your site authority and search rankings.

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Kick back knowing you won’t be losing any traffic to your website during your migration.

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This isn’t our first rodeo. We can work on a range of platforms and get the job done quickly and effectively.

Retain and Improve SEO Revenue

We’ll make sure you keep your current standings with Google and provide insight into opportunities for future growth.

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We provide a transparent service and detailed reporting, and you can ask our experts about anything along the way.


Can your business afford to lose visibility?

If you don’t mind losing roughly 50% of your traffic or becoming a mere stranger to Google then by all means, carry out your website changes without an SEO migration strategy.

It’s just that we see so many businesses coming to us with regret because they didn’t realise or underestimated the need for an SEO migration plan, we don’t want the same for you!

To protect your ranking and your revenue, we can help you with the following services, and a whole lot more!

  • HTTPS Migrations
  • Benchmark and tracking
  • URL Redirects
  • Site structure optimisation
  • Project coordination




Website Migration: What you need to know.

  • What is an SEO website migration?

    In the process of upgrading or relocating your website, many changes take place which can have dire consequences for your search engine visibility if SEO is not taken into consideration.

    Website updates and changes are incredibly common, and web designers and developers can take care of most of the functional aspects of migration. However, an SEO migration strategy ensures that ranking, authority and indexing signals reflect these changes and convey them to Google.

    Think of it this way, if a website migration is like moving house, then an SEO migration strategy is like redirecting your mail. Only instead of catalogues and bills, it’s customers and sales!

  • What can go wrong?

    It really pains us to see businesses who haven’t considered their SEO during a migration. A poorly executed SEO migration can result in organic traffic drops of up to 50%, if not more.

    If you don’t carry out an adequate SEO website migration plan, you will likely experience a drop in visibility in search engines.

    Your website might appear as though it has broken links or missing pages, is much smaller than it is, features irrelevant information or worse, has disappeared entirely.

    If your website can’t be indexed properly, it won’t be shown to users in the search results. And even if you figure this out and try to fix it down the track, it can take up to 12 months for your website to recover.

  • How long does an SEO migration take?

    It all boils down to the size of your website and the quantity of content you’re moving. A small 5-page website is obviously going to take significantly less time than a 1,000-page website, and factors such as new content, changes to design and structure, and your chosen CMS may come into play here too.

    Perhaps the most important element of a successful SEO migration is planning, so we can help you establish timelines and prepare your website accordingly.

  • How much does a SEO migration cost?

    Again, the size and scope of the project is going to be the key indicator for costs. It will also depend on a range of factors, including how many redirects you require, auditing, and of course, implementation, among other things.

    We aim to keep our fees as competitive as possible, yet we’re sure you could find cheaper. This is because we dedicate ourselves to doing a thorough and effective job, not a cheap one.

    It’s really important to get your SEO migration right the first time to avoid impeding your organic performance, or worse, damaging it completely. This is one area you don’t want to cut corners on. Get in touch today to discuss your migration plans and the cost considerations.


Services for every business

We deal with big blue-chip companies, local one-man band businesses, and everything in between. We don’t look after only one industry vertical because our three-pronged approach can be applied to any business, anywhere.

What we focus on is what your goals are, what your customers want, and what Google needs. That’s how we provide a tailored approach to each of our clients, we’d love to do the same for you.

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Alexandra Chew (Mizuno)

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