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Local SEO connects you with your community

We market to the people who matter. By using local SEO to focus on your geographic area, we attract local, qualified leads who are looking for immediate results and become both loyal customers and advocates for your business.

Build a Reputation in Your Community

Local SEO helps locals find you. You’ll have enquiries, walk-ins, reviews, and repeat business in no time!

Think Globally, Act Locally

We help small businesses out rank big brands, and help big brands be seen in local areas.

Cost Effective Marketing to Build ROI

Our local SEO services are perfect for smaller businesses who may not have a big budget or endless resources.

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Real People, Delivering Real Results

We understand local business ourselves and aim to make SEO simple for every business.


Local SEO can be life changing for many small businesses.

As algorithms get more sophisticated, search engines are placing more and more significance on local search, giving preference to legitimate and trustworthy local businesses rather than ‘big business’ that may be located outside your immediate area.

This news is fantastic for local small businesses that don’t have huge budgets or resources to allocate to their online presence, as it provides them with an opportunity to capture organic traffic and business.

Local Search has a number of benefits, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Increased visibility, traffic, and conversion.
  • More affordable and sustainable than other marketing methods.
  • Providing a rock-solid foundation for continuous business growth.
  • Get ahead of competition and outperform ‘the big guys’.
  • Encourage local reviews and grow connections with neighbouring businesses.
  • Build brand awareness and customer loyalty.


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No one is as obsessed with local SEO as we are

  • What is local SEO?

    Local SEO is a strategy that focuses on optimising your online presence to increase your visibility in local search results.

    Over the years, Google has realised that users searching for certain products and services needed results in their immediate area.

    This is why you can search for a café near your workplace and be shown venues in close proximity, yet perform the exact same search at home and be provided with a completely different list of results.

    It wouldn’t make sense for a hairdresser from Perth showing up in your search for a haircut in Melbourne, right?

    Essentially, any business with a physical location can benefit from local SEO, as well as businesses who service particular geographic areas.

  • How is Local SEO different from regular SEO?

    Local SEO is a branch of SEO, not something different entirely, and leverages the geographic factors of Google’s algorithm as well as user intent to gain visibility to local audiences.

    While traditional elements of SEO such as content quality and backlinking are still important in local SEO, local SEO involves optimising your Google My Business listing as well as your website, to make sure you’re visible on the map pack and competing in searches relevant to your target area.

    When users are searching locally, they intend to find a local! This is where smaller businesses can outperform big brands and get loyal customers and repeat business as the strategy is based around proximity, not broader keyword targeting.

  • Is my business suitable for local SEO?

    The basic rule of thumb with local SEO is if your business interacts in-person with customers or services in a particular area, then local SEO is likely to be crucial for your business.

    Local search helps small businesses become big in their neighbourhood. It can also be used strategically for bigger brands to promote multiple locations in relevant areas.

  • What kind of results does local SEO bring?

    Local SEO is great for not only bringing traffic to your website, but it helps drive foot traffic directly to your store or office.

    It is a low-cost, long-term strategy which provides exceptional results for local businesses as a stand-alone tactic or combined with other forms of marketing.

    With local SEO you’re likely to see more traffic, more map searches, more phone enquiries, more in-person customers, more reviews and all of this in turn tends to result in: more sales!


Let us be your local heroes!

Local to Melbourne and from humble beginnings ourselves, we know that many small businesses can’t afford to mess around with their budget and need valuable leads as soon as possible.

That’s why we’ve curated an expert team who know their stuff and go to bat for our clients, so there’s no guesswork or mistakes, just a relentless pursuit to provide high ROI for your business.


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"The team at Calibre9 have been consummate professionals and delivered genuine return for our business. They are a delight to work with, always willing to explain the intricacies of SEO to the less tech-savvy with seemingly limitless patience. ”

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