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Local Search

Calibre Nine is one of Melbourne’s most prominent SEO Agencies. In addition to our national SEO campaigns we also provide direct local SEO for top tier blue chip big business who are looking to increase the hyper geographical visibility of their branches they have around the country, along with SMB owner operated businesses who are wanting to enhance their immediate local visibility, and everyone in between.

Having good visibility and being found in your local area is becoming more crucial than ever, Google is increasingly giving more importance to local map listing results and have allocated a substantial portion of the SERP page to the ‘snack pack’ (the Google Map result showing local businesses to where the search is made).

Calibre Nine ensure that your company has the local and hyper local visibility you need across as broad a catchment area as possible, no matter where you are based around Australia.

If it’s important to your business that you have a robust local presence, we will make sure that local SEO is a substantial element of your broader SEO strategy and we will work alongside you to make your site visibility as strong as possible on Google My Business, Google Maps along with other local directories. The stronger your local visibility the stronger your foothold in the community! 

As algorithms get more sophisticated, search engines are placing more and more significance on local search, giving preference to legitimate, real and trustworthy local businesses rather than ‘big business’ that may be located outside your immediate area when responding to search queries.

This news is fantastic for local small businesses that don’t have huge budgets or resource to allocate to their online presence, as it provides them with the real opportunity to capture organic traffic and business from having a strong local search visibility just because they are close geographically to the location of the search.

This is proven through the always expanding prominence of local map listings that sit at the top of the page in the SERPs just below the Ad’s regardless of whether you search on mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet.

Want to know why? Let’s look at an obvious scenario – imagine a person searches ‘best local cafe’ on their phone while walking around Collingwood (our hood!). We can assume they want to know all of the best choices for their morning caffeine hit within the closest possible strolling distance, instead of seeing some listing to a worldwide mega brand coffee chain who are on the opposite side of Melbourne, let alone a different state entirely.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business with a little footprint and small budget or national business that is looking to capture your slice of the wider local markets, we can assist in increasing your search engine visibility to the local market.