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Bounce rate

Bounce rate (called engagement rate in GA4) is when users leave a website without going to other pages or interacting with content.

A higher bounce rate not only means a business is missing out on conversion opportunities, but there’s also been evidence that points to high bounce rates damaging the search visibility of a website.

There are some pages however that have naturally higher bounce rates.

Pages such as frequently asked questions and contact pages frequently have higher bounce rates, as they contain information that users don’t always interact with. If your site is an e-commerce store, buyers potentially may not be at the point where they’re ready to make a purchase and need to research more before purchasing your products.

If these pages are your primary targets, you should still have visible calls to action and links to your other core pages to redirect traffic around your site.

How to lower your site’s bounce rate

Improving User Experience

Commonly referred to as UX, user experience is closely tied to a website’s bounce rate since, typically, users will not stay or interact with a site that is too difficult to navigate or use. It has been proven that 22% of users refuse to return to a site they’ve experienced a problem with. This makes UX one of the highest priorities in terms of reducing bounce rate.

Here at Calibre9, we understand the importance of ensuring your site visitors have a seamless interaction with your site, from maintaining visibility within search engines to converting into contacts or customers on your site.

Perfecting keywords and site copy

Being highly selective in the keywords you choose to optimise is another big way of reducing bounce rates.

If your site ranks in search engines for a commonly searched keyword or search term, it’s likely to get plenty of visitors to the site, but it may not have a high conversion rate. It is possible that it would lead to users bouncing on the page when they realise the site has little to do with what they initially searched for.

Alongside being easy to read, your copy should only be optimised for keywords that your digital marketing service decides are relevant to your site. Having a large search volume is essential for traffic, but ensuring they are relevant to your service will keep visitors on the site and lead to more conversions.



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