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What is Bing? 

Bing is a search engine that is owned and operated by Microsoft. It is the default browser for all Microsoft products, including the Xbox and Microsoft Edge. Currently, Bing has a market share of 4% in Australia and 3% worldwide, making it the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Many people believe that Bing may soon become significantly more popular because it was the first search engine to incorporate AI. For this reason, now is the time to bring your website up to date with Microsoft’s Bing guidelines and stay ahead of current search engine trends.


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How do I optimise my website to rank on Bing?

To optimize your website to rank on Bing, it’s important to focus on key ranking factors that make your website better for users, such as relevant content and easy navigation. Bing measures user behavior to see if people are finding what they need on your website, so if your site has poor quality content or is too difficult to navigate, it will perform more poorly on Bing. Other important factors include the number and quality of backlinks and page metadata. You should also ensure that your website has a complete sitemap so that it can be indexed, and monitor your site with Webmaster Tools (Microsoft’s version of Google Search Console).

How is Bing different from Google?

Bing is similar to Google in many ways, but there are still a number of key differences that you should be aware of. For example, Bing looks for exact keyword matches, whereas Google looks for words related to a topic. Bing is also more open about the importance of social signals for ranking, while Google denies that social media plays any role in their ranking. Finally, Bing has a much larger focus on multimedia than Google, meaning it can accurately understand a wider range of formats, including images, video, and audio content. When trying to rank on Bing, consider experimenting with new types of content for your site.

Does Bing have its own version of Google Search Console for monitoring website performance and SEO?

Yes; Bing has its own version of Google Search Console for monitoring website performance and SEO, called “Webmaster Tools.” Similar to Search Console, it allows users to view their backlinks, see which pages are indexed, scan their site for possible issues, and help them discover new keywords to target.

How can I submit my website to Bing for indexing?

To submit your website to Bing for indexing, use Bing’s Webmaster Tools. It has a “URL submission” feature where users can submit up to 10,000 pages per day for indexing. We recommend doing this for all key pages on new sites that you want to rank on Bing.

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