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What is schema markup?

Schema markup is a method for structuring the data and information on your website to make it easier for search engines to read. Adding schemas to your site will allow Google to display things like recipes and answers to FaQ questions directly in the search results. This adds visibility to your site and improves the click through rate (CTR) of users. Schema markup exists within the HTML code of your website and has no visual impact for users already on the page.



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What are the different types of schema markup?

Google currently supports over 30 different types of schema markup in their search results. Some of the most common and useful for SEO include:

  • Organization: contains information about the organization that the website belongs to such as name and logo
  • Local Business: contains information about the local business that the site represents such as name, location and opening hours
  • FaQ: contains pairs of questions and answers that Google can use in response to search queries
  • Product: contains information about a product including price, description and reviews. Google often displays these in the “Shopping” tab of its search results
  • Article: contains information about an article such as author, title and date published.


Is structured data important for SEO?

Yes. Structured data is one of the most effective ways to help Google recognise and display content from your website in its search results.  Structured data improves the accuracy of Google’s information about your site, which may help it to rank correctly for relevant keywords. The effect size of structured data on search ranking is still relatively unproven, but it is well known to improve click through rate (CTR) for sites that already rank well.

How do I add schema markup to my website?

Schema markup can be added in a number of ways, but the easiest is to use a markup generator such as this one. Once generated, it should be placed in the HTML of the relevant page. By convention, schema markup should be placed in the header section of your code, but it will still work if placed elsewhere.

How can I test and validate my schema markup?

Once you have added schema markup to your page, the easiest way to check that it is valid is by using Google’s own tool. Simply paste in the URL and you will be notified of any issues or errors.



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