Crawlers, sometimes referred to as spiders or bots, is a developed program used by search engines. The main goal of this program is to travel across all sites on the internet and collect data to index within the search engine.

Hyperlinks are how crawlers access a site. Once on the site, a crawler will read all content and links before leaving the site through any external links. Crawlers will repeat this process until they visit and index data from every site linking to another website. Essentially crawling across the entire internet, thus referencing the name, crawler.

Why crawlers are essential for SEO

Crawlers are the primary process in getting your site indexed by a search engine. Rankings are determined by certain factors when a website is crawled. A website that is easier to be crawled will consistently be ranked higher than one that is more difficult. Having your site be easy to navigate and visit while making sure the important pages are only a few clicks from your homepage makes your site easier to read for crawlers and can improve user experience and conversions.

Crawlers also follow all links within a site, both internal and external. Having an internal link structure is vital to allow crawlers to index the site properly. Having quality external links both to and from your site is very important, as they show your site is relevant to your linked sources and has high-quality content based on the links you provide.

Nofollow tags are commonly referenced with links and crawling. This tag helps crawlers see what content they are not supposed to index. Any link that has this tag will neither give nor receive any benefits of said link.

Crawlers help search engines look for keywords to know what words and searches are relevant to the site. While browsing through content, the crawler can detect duplicate or plagiarised content, affecting your rankings.

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