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Tint Paint

Improved branded keyword rankings and generic 'buy paint online' keyword visibility

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The Client

Tint Paint is an Australian owned and run business that is revolutionising the way we buy paint, choose colours and decorate our space. The creators of Pico  – a world-first product that lets you walk up to a colour and record it instantly – they operate purely online and offer premium paint, paint supplies and curated colours.

The Brief

Our brief was simple – improve branded keyword visibility and increase organic traffic from ‘paint online’ type keywords to generate revenue.

The Campaign

As Tint was a new business with a new website there was virtually no visibility for their business name and no generic ‘buy paint online’ type keywords in the top 10 pages of the search engines.

We immediately started to build out their backlink profile to increase the domain authority. We then mapped out and implemented content changes across the entire site with Tint to ensure it not only fit within brand guidelines but was optimised for our agreed keyword set.

The Results

There was an immediate impact in terms of branded and generic ‘paint’ keyword visibility which saw a consistent month on month increase in traffic and revenue.


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