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Hagens Organics

Increased Traffic by 173%

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  • 173%

    Overall Traffic up 173%

  • 252%

    Page Views up 252%

  • 10%

    Bounce Rate down 10%

The Client

Hagens Organics is a second generation family butcher with multiple locations across Melbourne that pride themselves on being ethical, sustainable and local. They specialise in quality Organic Meats.

The Brief

Calibre9 was tasked with improving organic traffic through to the website with a specific focus on non-branded and ‘online’ type keywords to the homepage and inner pages.

The Campaign

Start Date: December 2019 – Present


Work commenced on the Hagens website with a full in-depth technical audit which was used as the foundation to map out subsequent on-page optimisation work that was carried out over the first few months.


In addition to the technical changes a few key optimisation tasks that were identified and addressed were-


Keyword Densities 

Title and Meta Optimisation

Alt Tag (Image) Optimisation


Foundation backlink building began right away with improving the Hagen’s domain authority being the primary focus.

The Results

Overall Traffic – up by 173.94%

Page Views – up by 252%

Bounce Rate – down 10.30%


On implementation of our optimisation we began to see huge jumps in organic visibility (in some cases up to 40+ positions) for our high search volume, generic keywords which had a knock on effect of big jumps in traffic.


Want to know more?

Feel free to get in touch with anyone here if you have any questions or want any more info regarding this campaign!